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  • How do I submit an Architectural change request?
    In order to submit an Architectural change request please fill out the 'Architectural Change Request Form' found under 'Documents'.
    Refer to the 'Architectural Guidelines' also found under 'Documents' for information on requirements and restrictions.
    Send the 'Architectural Change Request Form' to:
    Architectural Review Committee
    P.O. Box 145
    Kirkwood, DE. 19708
  • I would like to purchase a shed. What are the requirements?
    In order to erect a shed you must fill out a 'Architectural Review Request Form'.
    Refer to the 'Updated Shed Guidelines' under 'Documents' for changes to the Architectural guidlelines governing sheds.
    All Architectural Review Request Forms should be mailed to:
    Architectural Review Committee
    P.O. Box 145
    Kirkwood, DE 19708
  • My mailbox or part of my mailbox needs to be replaced. What do I do?
    All mailboxes in Bay Pointe are required to be identical. The manufacturer is Brandon Industries located in Texas. Their phone number is 972-542-3000.

    The board recommends installation from a fence or general contractor.  Replacements are as follows:
    • Entire Mailbox (3 parts) - TXF54-XX85-1X BK      $390.00
    • Pole Only - MPF#54 BK                                   $63.00
    • Base Only - SB-85 BK                                     $134.00
    • Box Only - M1-A BK                                        $193.00
  • One of the street lights is out on my street. How do I get it fixed?
    The maintenance of the street lights is the responsibilitiy of Delmarva Power. If you see a light out or the light is not working properly please contact Delmarva Power. The best way is to fill out an online request at:
    You can also call them at: 1-800-375-7117

    An excerpt from Delmarva Power:

    Delmarva Power typically responds to non-hazardous street and area "light out" calls within five business days of notification. In some instances, the actual repairs may take up to 30 days. Longer repair periods might be due to damage to underground wiring, the need to special order parts or if the entire pole and fixture must be replaced. Streetlight repairs may also be delayed during storms or significant weather events. Our field personnel and customer service representatives concentrate on restoring electric service as a priority during significant weather events. If the repairs have not been completed within 30 days, please notify us at 1-800-375-7117.


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